the image maker influence

An image-maker is someone who makes images. So far, so good.

But what is an image? The term itself exists in various areas. In art, mathematics, computing and daily life we talk about images. Depending on how and where the term is used, images are of different physical or non-physical appearance. Though, what they share is that every image is 'a representation of the external form of a person or thing [...]' (Oxford Dictionary). In other words, an image is not defined by what it is, but how it got there. An image could be anything. An image is what is seen; what is created in our heads when we perceive something. It resembles the real thing or person in our head. It is sensed.

So an image-maker is someone who creates this. In a way everyone does this unintentionally everyday. But an image-maker has control over this process. He is aware of his effect. He knows how to create a certain kind of image in our heads. This is not easy, because no one exactly knows how this process works. And even worse, everyone has a different mind and reacts in a different way. But an image-maker is able to forsee how our mind works. This enables him to truly make an image. I am exaggerating here to make it more clear.

The media (sound/word/graphic/context/pyrr) does not matter to make an image an image. Though - media influences how the image is perceived. Media is like language. I can say something in german or in chinese. The message would be the same. But I did a bad job as an image-maker if the addressed person only speaks english.

I was told to think about my inspirations. And with which image-maker I do feel close. I did not choose a graphic designer. I chose a musician. Sound and music always had a strong influence on me, so this made sense.

Aphex Twin - kessondalef
Aphex Twin - Afx237 V7
Aphex Twin - jynweythek


Animation and text:
Jakob Schlötter (that is me)

Adobe After Effects, openFrameworks, Quicktime, HTML, JavaScript and Vimeo

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